Bottega Veneta

React-Native iOS and Android App

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  • React Native
  • Sanity

The sole digital destination for Kering groups prestigious fashion brand: Bottega Veneta, on iOS and Android.

Studio 206 worked with creative agency DVTK to build and develop Bottega Veneta's exclusive fashion realm.

The challenge

A satisfying CMS experience

Over several months we worked closely with DVTK to define a systematic architecture using Sanity CMS which would enable DVTK and Bottega's team to handle app updates with ease.

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Sanity's powerful structured content architecture allowed us to create a seamless experience when creating and updating content in the App.

Content types such as videos, lookbooks, livestreams and even a radio component all working cohesively to bring together a digital mosaic experience.

Immersive soundscapes

Bottega Veneta x NTS

Bottega Veneta and NTS have produced musical soundscapes with special guest which users can listen to within the app with a beautiful monochromatic audio player.

Focusing on a seamless integration, we chose an API architecture that allowed CMS users to use an NTS Soundcloud link in the CMS which would retrieve the audio asset via Soundcloud upon load - reducing large bandwidth costs by avoiding uploading large assets to the CMS.

Bottega Radio x NTS