Bluebird Mutual

Smooth scroll animations for a US-based venture capital firm

Featured Image of Case Study
  • Next.js
  • Sanity
  • Framer Motion

In collaboration with our partners at Studio Chong, we have developed this composable website for a forward-thinking US-based venture capital firm.

The main technologies used were Next.js as the framework and Sanity as the CMS. We often pick these technologies and have developed tooling around them.

In close collaboration with the designers we created some very slick and smooth scroll based animations using Framer Motion.

We picked Sanity as the CMS solution for this project and couldn't be happier with that choice. It's easy to setup and provides a great editing experience out of the box.

We integrated Sanity's live preview feature that allowed the client to see the changes applied in realtime on the website.

"I’ve known and worked with the team at Studio 206 for over a decade now. Both our studios (ours being branding and design, theirs being development) have  gone perfectly hand-in-hand. The best thing about 206 is that they’re able to support and influence our work and help to push and elevate the overall creative output, always driving us toward the best results. We’ve worked together on a number of projects and these guys have been a key part of our success – and our client’s success! Wouldn’t have it any other way."

Ade Chong
Founder at Studio Chong