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Redesign and rebuild on modern Next.js App Router

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We have been working with Lathe & Co for years and we even developed their previous website. That was over 5 years ago, and although everyone at Lathe & Co loved the website, they also felt it needed a design and brand refresh.

We approached our friend Quentin Villeret from studio q v to help us with the brand and website design. Collaborating closely with him to keep the brand's essence but modernising it making and it ready for the next 10 years.

We refactored the old website from Preact and CSS Modules, whilst keeping a lot of the functionality, to our modern Next.js and Tailwind stack.

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Bringing the website to life

Working together with the designer we planned and built a series of animations using React Spring that brought the website to life.

This included scroll based subtle animations that can be seen on the homepage when the user lands and starts to scroll.

We also animated a series of icons using their geometric shapes to create loops that bring playfulness to the experience.


Podcast authoring and publishing from the CMS

Lathe & Co created the investment podcast Not the Stock Response and one of the requirements they had was to be able to publish the Podcast episodes on the website.

Using Sanity we not only created a system to post the episodes on the website, we created a publishing system that allows Lathe to author multiple podcasts from the CMS.

We also generate RSS feeds for each podcast so it can be published on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

As part of the work we did over the last few years, we built a series of calculators that are used daily by financial advisors to help clients at Lathe & Co.

These are also available on the website for everyone and they are not only very useful but also a big source of SEO traffic to the website.