New Priest

Headless e-commerce website

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  • Shopify
  • Next.js

A collaboration with Unlearn Studio to bring to life the e-commerce shop for a new conceptual art-based collective out of L.A.

The brief was to create a storefront for the brand that used Shopify as the commerce provider, whilst building an immersive experience that would showcase the uniqueness of this new brand.

We achieved this with our headless approach that gave us maximum flexibility. We chose Next.js and Vercel's Commerce boilerplate as a starting point.

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"Studio 206 have been our go-to web development partner since the first projects we ran as a design studio. Beyond their sound technical skills, they bring a refreshing touch of creativity and attention to detail. We’ve worked together on a variety of projects across different platforms and they have always surpassed expectations, making collaboration easy and outcomes outstanding."

Davide Baratta
Co-founder at Unlearn Studio