A Web3 platform for contemporary art, transforming how art in the digital age is collected.

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  • React
  • Next.js
  • Web3

After years working together, our friends at Zien asked for our help to build the latest iteration of their Web3 platform. Initially built to curate Digital Art drops for traditional artists and provide collectors with access to their work, this new version includes an on-chain flow for collectors to redeem the material counterparts to the digital artworks collected and a fresh new design to further emphasise their growth.


A brand new platform

With the previous one live, we’ve opted to avoid a refactoring and quite a bit of potential technical debt by building this new version from scratch. The choice of framework was an easy one, Next.js provides everything this platform needs and facilitates performance delivery to the final product. Using Tailwind CSS to bring the new layout to life, we’ve built a series of reusable components to handle content coming from the CMS and compose the pages.

The approach we used for this was pretty standard: started off by building a style guide alongside the main web app architecture to optimise development time from the get go. The Web3 infrastructure had already been built for the previous version of the web app so it only required migrating and upgrading, all while components were being built in isolation.


From Digital to Physical

Integral part of the Expanded NFTs innovation is the on-chain redemption of unique material artworks. To build this key feature we started off by putting together a user flow prototype, using mock data and APIs, to make sure we were building a clear and simple process.

On prototype sign off, we gathered all the data associated to the physical artworks and mapped it to all digital ones currently in circulation. Doing so resulted into a seamless “checkout” experience, bringing together digital artworks and their material counterparts in a single place. To complete the flow, we’ve integrated Arta’s API to provide the collector with an array of tailored shipment options from which to choose.